Real Estate Photography

Serving all of Lincoln County

Are you looking for professional photos to showcase your properties? Look no further! We provide high quality photos that really show off the beauty and character of your property to help them sell faster. Incorporating wide angle, telephoto and exposure blending (HDR) as needed helps us bring out the best details in high contrast situations.  We are proud to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA which allows us to offer aerial drone photography as an additional option to best showcase the beautiful property from a unique perspective.

We strive very hard to provide you with professional service, photos and quick turn-around so you can get the property listed.

  • Day 1

    Capture the beauty of the property

  • Day 2

    Photos being professionally edited

  • Day 2-3

    Photos delivered via email

    Sized perfectly for web and MLS

Exposure Blending (HDR)

Exposure Blending, or sometimes referred to as HDR, is a way to seamlessly blend together the super bright sun and the dark corners of your house with an even exposure.  This allows the details of the view out the window to be visible just as well as the details inside your home in one photo. We utilize this technique of blending multiple exposures as needed to best show off the house.  Check out the example below to see what it can do.